Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Get Your Paint On!

So I've been taking this online painting class and it is pretty much the awesome. Its by Lisa Congdon and Mati McDonough and its very relaxed and nonthreatening which may sound a little weird. But if you know you aren't an artist but are looking for new outlets for creativity then it means a hell of a lot motherfucker! (ps. that is my favorite swear word of the moment and it really should be one word). Well, anyways, I've learned a lot. Though if I had to put it in words it wouldn't probably sound like much. The BIG thing I took from it is to set myself a project each week and I might actually get it done.

Gone are the carefree days of just creating shit off the fly. I have gotten lazy as a lazy thing letting tv or work work get in the way. One of these days I will force myself to get to work on time and therefore leave work on time and be able to eat dinner at a reasonable hour and then have time to make something before dragging myself to bed for my beauty rest. No more having dinner at 9:30 for me! And then slinking off to bed right after. Well. Not really slinking.

Anyways. Enough with the fucking resolutions! On with the projects motherfucker!!!

Here is my week two painting. Our assignment was to create something inspired by another artist. Soooo, this was inspired by Mehndi designs (which have been my go to doodle for awhile now), and by Vera Neumann.

Feast your eyes:

Ps. this was painted on 6"x6" gesso board which is pretty awesome stuff.

Pps. And that is chocolate brown.

Blame the TARDIS

If only I really could. Its sad that I really haven't posted in over two years.

But on the plus side I am currently taking a painting class, so at least I have something to post now...

Here is my first painting in what was almost 20 years. OK. So it was ninth grade so it was 20 years.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Craft Mutiny Booty Market

I hardly sold anything this time around. I did sell out all of my Metro Token Cuff Links though. I only have 4 metro tokens left now. And sadly no pictures of them. I wonder what they did with all the old ones. I want a stockpile of them!!!!

Here is my display:

Here are some of my shrinky dink jewelry:

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sweet Odin's Raven!!!

I'm back! And with pictures! Albeit old pictures.
This is what my workstation usually looks like. And by workstation I mean the coffee table that I use for everything. This is before my show last December.
This is a bad picture of my London Picture bracelet. I took pictures from my London trip and put them on a tile bracelet. Everyone loved the one I made for myself, but no one wants to buy one. :(
This is my table at last years Adams Morgan Day I shared the booth with my friend who has better stuff and has done more craft shows. She is crazy awesome - www.magpiedc.blogspot.com.

These are my Happy Kid Kits. Years of being an Aunt have taught me to have certain things in your purse at all times. Which was easy for me because I always had them in there for me to play with anyways. But I knew from experience that parents don't always have these little things on hand, especially first time parents, so I came up with this idea. This sturdy tote has finger puppets, notebook, crayons, and bubbles. Nothing works like bubbles to keep a cranky kid busy!
This is what my crafts look like when I take them to the show. They look all nice and neat in their little containers and baggies. You wouldn't think they came from that mess of a coffee table.

Well. Now that I'm having another craft show in a few weeks I will start posting again. Especially now that I finally remembered my log in and password.

Monday, May 14, 2007


I am now an official crafter! I have sold some of my items in an actual craft show setting and fellow artists really liked what I did J That was really the icing as my friends have always said that they liked my jewelry but to hear strangers say it made me down right chuffed!

Items sold:
Hypno Bracelet (postcard, silver plated tiles, clear elastic)

Lost Marble Necklace (Hand marbleized marble from Italy, Sterling Silver wire, silver plated chain)

Rose Quartz Necklace (Rose Quartz/glass beads [the jury’s still out if they really were quartz or not], metallic copper glass beads, tigerwire, magnetic clasp)

Black Celtic Cross Necklace (black stone Celtic cross [’m very original with my names aren’t I?], red, black, silver seed beads, tiger wire, silver plated clasp).

Of, course I don’t have any actual pictures of these pieces as I don’t have an actual digital camera and my camera phone takes crappy pictures.

Actually, I do have this awesome digital camera that I secured off of ebay, but sadly it didn’t come with battery, charger, wires or memory card. Which is probably why it was really cheap and I was able to win it.

Monday, August 21, 2006

nothing good was accomplished

I made three different necklaces and two bracelets Sunday afternoon. None of them turned out as I wanted. And hence I didn't get to make the get well card I wanted to make either.

So, here's to another unproductive weekend! At least in the crafts area...


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

ode to a michaels store...

good god Michaels. why do you do this to me? your new influx of beautiful cheap glass/stone/shell beads is an abomination and should be condemned.

or at least given to me to properly dispose of.

seriously. when you used to be MJDesigns you had the wonderful 'bead alley' then scrapbooking came along like a golden calf and lured you away into the den of fancy paper and die-cut images. But then suddenly on Saturday you returned! A glimmer of your past life yes, but what a beautiful new life it is!!!

sweet sweet beads. i weep in your glow.

this weekend was lost in a senseless shopping spree so here is a necklace I made last week:

Sunday, July 30, 2006

starting up

I make jewelry and various other crafts. Hot Dogs and Giggles came about while playing bingo. I never win, but they have wonderful hot dogs there, so I tell my friends I play bingo only for the dogs n giggles. Now everytime I do something its only for the hot dogs and giggles. Its my life motto and should be on all my t-shirts.