Monday, May 14, 2007


I am now an official crafter! I have sold some of my items in an actual craft show setting and fellow artists really liked what I did J That was really the icing as my friends have always said that they liked my jewelry but to hear strangers say it made me down right chuffed!

Items sold:
Hypno Bracelet (postcard, silver plated tiles, clear elastic)

Lost Marble Necklace (Hand marbleized marble from Italy, Sterling Silver wire, silver plated chain)

Rose Quartz Necklace (Rose Quartz/glass beads [the jury’s still out if they really were quartz or not], metallic copper glass beads, tigerwire, magnetic clasp)

Black Celtic Cross Necklace (black stone Celtic cross [’m very original with my names aren’t I?], red, black, silver seed beads, tiger wire, silver plated clasp).

Of, course I don’t have any actual pictures of these pieces as I don’t have an actual digital camera and my camera phone takes crappy pictures.

Actually, I do have this awesome digital camera that I secured off of ebay, but sadly it didn’t come with battery, charger, wires or memory card. Which is probably why it was really cheap and I was able to win it.