Thursday, December 11, 2008

Craft Mutiny Booty Market

I hardly sold anything this time around. I did sell out all of my Metro Token Cuff Links though. I only have 4 metro tokens left now. And sadly no pictures of them. I wonder what they did with all the old ones. I want a stockpile of them!!!!

Here is my display:

Here are some of my shrinky dink jewelry:

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sweet Odin's Raven!!!

I'm back! And with pictures! Albeit old pictures.
This is what my workstation usually looks like. And by workstation I mean the coffee table that I use for everything. This is before my show last December.
This is a bad picture of my London Picture bracelet. I took pictures from my London trip and put them on a tile bracelet. Everyone loved the one I made for myself, but no one wants to buy one. :(
This is my table at last years Adams Morgan Day I shared the booth with my friend who has better stuff and has done more craft shows. She is crazy awesome -

These are my Happy Kid Kits. Years of being an Aunt have taught me to have certain things in your purse at all times. Which was easy for me because I always had them in there for me to play with anyways. But I knew from experience that parents don't always have these little things on hand, especially first time parents, so I came up with this idea. This sturdy tote has finger puppets, notebook, crayons, and bubbles. Nothing works like bubbles to keep a cranky kid busy!
This is what my crafts look like when I take them to the show. They look all nice and neat in their little containers and baggies. You wouldn't think they came from that mess of a coffee table.

Well. Now that I'm having another craft show in a few weeks I will start posting again. Especially now that I finally remembered my log in and password.